Frequently Asked Questions

Have a question about our process or setup? Check out some of our most common questions below. 

Common Questions:

In order to better hone our craft, we only do Live Sessions. Music videos are a different artform, and we are currently choosing to focus on our craft by only working on Live Session videos.  

We are more than happy to adjust any of the packages!   The packages that we have laid out are just guidelines.   We’re happy to customize any package to meet your specific needs.   Just let us know what you have in mind when you fill out the booking form, and we’ll be in touch!  

Turn around time for standard sessions is 4-6 weeks.  If you need a faster turnaround time, that can be arranged for an additional cost.  For those opting for the “Solo Sesh Weekend” or “Solo Sesh with a Custom Date” packages, the turnaround time is 10 business days.  

We believe that there is something special about the live performance of a song, so all of our live sessions prioritize having authentic performances.   So we do not do lip-synch videos.   

Yes.   Once created, the video and audio are yours, and you have the right to do what you’d like with them. Upload to YouTube, upload to Spotify, make custom CDs or vinyl records of your “Live at Dogtown Studio EP”… Please go ahead! Bands have had great success with these types of things! 

We are not currently accepting audio-only projects, only Live Sessions with video.   But if you choose to record a Live Session here, you DO receive the audio, and you are more than welcome to release that audio as an EP or album!   

Dogtown Studio has been an invaluable resource in terms of providing the highest level of audio and visual quality content at an extremely affordable price point for solo artists looking to establish not only a name for themselves but an immediately identifiable aesthetic as well.

The look and feel that they create is unlike any other in the state - or the country for that matter - and helps peg each and every Dogtown session as something imminently identifiable and, thanks to a sterling track record, of the utmost quality and consistency.

Dogtown Studio has helped elevate my songs, social media presence, and profile to levels I never could have imagined. Do yourself (and your career) a favor and book a session today.

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